Carrot Kingdom™ is now free for everyone!

As a gift to all the fans, now everyone can play Carrot Kingdom™ in their favorite Atari 2600 emulator or a flash cart!

Download the .BIN file below (NTSC only), and run with the Stella Emulator or a flash cart like the Harmony Cart.

If you use with Stella, use the ALT+P to enable phosphorous mode. This will keep Jinny from looking flickery as she does for extra colours. On a CRT this does not cause a problem, and Stella emulates this look.

How to Play

When you start up the game use FIRE to select your difficulty. FIRE will also make Jinny jump, and down on the joystick will make Jinny throw a Yarn ball. Guide Jinny, jumping and throwing yarn balls at enemies scrolling to the right in each level. After a bit you will encounter the boss enemies who have lots of health! Defeat all 3 and you win! Play Harder Difficulty for more fun!

If you like the game, and you would like a physical copy for your collection, stay tuned to the main page for any further copies distributed by our friends at Video61. Enjoy the game!

Download Carrot Kingdom